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A Playsuit for ALL Seasons! $10 Standard Shipping North America Wide!

Our Story

KLOK Kids is the creator of the "All-Weather" playsuit. A versatile year round layer for cool days or a mid-layer when the winter chill sets in. Designed and Made in Canada for temperamental climates. Our sets are designed with multi-layers to create warmth and comfort. Bridging function and fashion, our collection is stylish and timeless and Made for Everyday Play. 

Our Story

Growing up in Canada meant enjoying 4 glorious seasons per year.
Except that the seasons were never predictable.

My protective parents and
grandparents wouldn’t let me leave the house without a standard 3 layers.  

Will I be too cold, will it get too windy?

Fast forward two decades when I gave birth to my own children, the worry returned.

Will they get cold? Will it be too windy? I wanted to dress them warmly but in comfort. I wanted them to have freedom to explore without the bulk.

So I designed the All-Weather playsuit. Designed with plush sherpa on the outside to
trap and retain warmth and a soft cotton lining with sewn-in seams to feel delicate against the skin, this versatile set makes it easy to make memories together.

All we want as parents is to savour the fleeting and ever
changing moments of childhood. KLOK Kids is on a mission to enable those
moments in comfort and timeless design, for Everyday Play.